Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Teacher Mother (Anne Tillis)

Anne Tillis,
I have always admired you. I know you have been teaching for a long time. You are such an inspiration to me. You always have your act together. How do you manage being a mother of two wonderful children and teach effortlessly?
From Sherri Anderson

Dear Sherrie,
Thank you for your very kind words, especially about my children. I am glad to know that people see them that way, as it has been just “we three” for the last 6 ½ years. I manage simply by following the same rules and standards that my parents instilled in me. They seem to have worked pretty well on my brothers and myself. They also know that they are my number one priority, and that I have high expectations for them both. I think our family has learned to rely on each other, and to support each other in both good times and bad. I am very proud of them both!
I am glad you think that my teaching is effortless, LOL! It really isn’t, and if you only knew how many sleepless nights I have, you would not say that! I think the fact that I am not afraid to try something new, and the great coaching I have received here at Chets, helps me to teach my students. I am very grateful for all the wonderful training I have received in the last ten years. I feel comfortable with what I am teaching, so that probably helps as well! I am not a mover and shaker kind of person, but I know that I can teach children, which in the end, is the MOST IMPORTANT job of all, both as a Mom and as a teacher working with the young minds of our future .
Love you,
Annie Bananie

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