Friday, May 2, 2008

Balance (Terri Lehane)

Terri Lehane- Balance- A word that seems to allude me more and more these days as my belly grows. I'm constantly in awe of how people find that perfect balance in their lives. Terri, you're not only a wonderful teacher who shows immense dedication to her students but also a devoted mother and wife. The joy you give you students and family always puts a smile on my face. With my life soon to be thrown completely out of balance how do you find the time, energy and passion to find your happy place? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Love, Bobbi Matthews

Dear Bobbi,
Thank you Bobbi for your kind words. I don't know if I have that perfect balance you speak of. In fact I am sure no one really does. I just try to be in the moment where ever I am. Whether that is at school or home and I would rather be happy. So I try to smile even when it's hard. It just helps sometimes!
I wish I could give you the PERFECT advice you are looking for, but I am afraid I can only give you some suggestions.

First of all I have been doing this a long time. Twenty two years to be exact. Maybe that is why it has gotten easier. My first baby just graduated from college. The balance has shifted over the years.

Planning is your best friend. Calendars with important dates and team work are what will get you through.

Actually what works for one person may not work for another! The only thing that will matter is the moment you look at that little face!

That is when everything you think is impossible will become possible. You will do whatever it takes to make life for that little person perfect.

I know that is what Kevin and I do for our children. Nothing seems impossible!
The moments will fly by! Follow your heart it will give you all the advice you need!
I wish you all the love with your bundle of joy!

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