Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Book Fairy (KK Cherney)

Dear KK,
Can you please explain to us how you are able to manage everything the Media Center entails, such as teaching, keeping track of books, studio, and helping with tech problems?
Kristin Sharp

The Media Center in CCE is so much like a backstage behind a successful Broadway play - the Disney underground. So to answer your question of how I am able to manage everything in the Media Center is quite difficult. Two factors seem to come to mind that covers everything!

Point 1 -
Loving my job and the people I serve makes all things possible.

Point 2 -
Surrounding myself with the most positive energetic team of talented people that the world has to offer. they could work anywhere but they "choose" to work here for a common goal. thank God!!!

Take those 2 factors and a lot of other stuff and it becomes a perfect situation allowing me to flit around as Tinkerbell sharing the "Magic" of technology, real-life applications, literature, literacy experiences, and yes - even "fixin'" stuff.

I am living a dream... KK

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