Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Technology (Kristen Sharpe)

Dear Kristin Sharp,
A little birdie told me that you have been teaching our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students about some "high tech" computer capabillities during Media. could you share with the rest of us about it?
Love, Julie

I have been teaching the kids how to create digital stories using many of the exciting programs found on the Macbooks, such as Photobooth, I-Photo, I-Movie, and Safari. The kids are so excited when they enter the media center and see the computers set up that they can hardly contain themselves! They just can't wait to get started! I am amzed by how engaged the fchildren become in their work when they are on the Macbooks. They inspire me with their amazing creativity and ability to use a computer. In addition, using technology has eliminated almost all behavior problems because the kids want to be there.

To introduce the kids to the Macbooks, I teach them how to create a slideshow using pHotoboth and I-Photo. they have a blast taking pictures of themselves and distorting the photos. the objective is for them to create a slideshow with at least five pictures, music, and trasitions.

The second time I see a group of students, I teach them how to create an I-Movie. Currently the kids are conducting an author study and recording their research on the I-Movie program. the computers have a built in camera and microphone, so all they do is sit in front of the screen to record. Then the kids choose the clips they want and edit them. to complete their movie, they add a title page, music and transitions.

The kids have been working so hard during media! I am proud of their creations and determination to complete a project.

I am really enjoying working at chets Creek Elementary. It is a blessing to have the opportunity to be here. I have learned so much from the Chets Creek team. It is truly a dream job!
Mrs. Sharp

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