Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Blog Videos (Debbie Harbour)

QUESTION: Dear Debbie Harbour,
I have heard good news about your blog! I heard that you posted video of your students reciting (or acting out?) nursery rhymes. I would love to add video to my class blog. Tell me how you did this!! Eager to learn, Jenny

Once you do a video on your blog, you are hooked!! I love the little video clips and only wish I could have shared in my child's day that this provides our families. Here's how to begin:

*The video I shoot comes from my little Canon digital camera. If it is from a regular camera (video), I am not sure with the actual download of the clip into your computer. KK does have some resources that may help you to get your video into .WMV, .AVI, .MOV, of .FLA (I don't know what these mean.

1. Download your video to your computer.
2. Go to and sign up (it's free)
3. Go to UPLOAD.
4. Here you will fill out the title, description, tags, and channel. Press continue.
5. Browse your computer for the video and press upload. This takes quite some time.
6. Now your video has been added to TeacherTube. Copy the text (html) that is Embed your video.
7. Go to your blog - post. Paste in the copied text directly into your post section.
8. You are done! YEAH! If you want you can also view all your saved videos on TeacherTube under My Files.

If anyone ever needs help - just ask. Happy Postings! Debbie Harbour

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