Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cup Stacking (Estrella Bailey)

Question:Dear Estrella,
We have heard all about the cup game. The students love it. Tell us all about it. Can we use it in our classroom?
Dreaming to Know,
Debby Cothern
Thank you so much for noticing my P.E. lessons. I challenged myself at the end of last year, because I knew I needed to come up with a BIG Wow for bad weather days. I wanted all students to be excited about PE-even in bad weather days. I learned about cup stacking years ago at a PE Workshop. However, I was not aware that it had turned into a REAL sport. It is called SPORT STACKING. It even has its own National Championship Competitions on ESPN. The port promotes and helps to develop: hand eye coordination, ambidexterity, quickness, concentration, motor skills, patterning, sequencing, and focusing!

I would love to teach the faculty how to stack-maybe on an Early Release Day. However, if you would like to use it in your class-you can purchase the cups at Toys R Us for $14.00.

I love teaching PE at Chets Creek Everyday!

Estrella Bailey

Check out this Cup Stacking Video:

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