Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Treasure Tower (Deb Stevens)

Question: Deb Stevens,
Explain to me your tower of treasures. I have seen it in your room and it looks very interesting. Could we use it the P.E. Hall of Dreams?
Coach Bailey

The Treasure Tower is my positive reward dispenser. It is fun and exciting! It engages all students who visit the science lab. I discovered last year that I needed a powerful and positive reward for all students that enter my room. The Treasure Tower is very cool and magical. I chose what treasures go in each compartment. There is something for every grade level. They are child-friendly. I only have treasures that I would allow in my house as a parent. I give out tokens for good behavior and going above and beyond. Sometimes I give out 1 token, sometimes 6. I've been known to give one out when walking through the cafeteria! Each token costs me twenty five cents. When I run out of treasures I order refills on line and someone comes out to refill it. Students come by before and after school to check out the treasures. I have also challenged each class. When every student reads a science book and logs it in their science resource journal, the whole class gets a token.

(The token is silver with a smiley face saying super student award.)

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