Wednesday, October 10, 2007

SmartBoard (Chevaugn Sasso)

Question: Dear Chevaugn,
I know that you use the "Smart Board" with your Kindergarten students. I would love to know what types of activities you use it for. How do you incorporate it into your different workshops? Please enlighten me (us) so that I will have the confidence to use it in my room as well.
Always wondering,

5. In your Skills Block, you can bring up any Literacy based website or software activity that your kids can interact with and navigate through.
4. In Readers' Workshop, you can project different forms of text on the board and have your students come up and highlight any sight words or any particular reading skills or strategies you are working on, on the board.
3. In Writers' Workshop, you can project student work on the board to edit or actually have students come up and write on the board, which you can then save to your computer and print out.
2. In Math Workshop, you can navigate through math sites, complete math problems, and play fun games with your students.
1. EVERYTHING! The possibilities are endless. Just think of anything that you already do on your whiteboard, any writing on it or projecting on it. You can do all of those things and more and look SMARTER doing it by simply using the SMARTBOARD.

If anyone ever wants to use it or see it in action with your students, just let me know.

Che Che Sasso

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