Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thinkmarks (Vicky Sharpe)

Question: Dear Vicky,
I know that you like to use your own modified versions of Kylene Beers' 'Think Mark' in your Readers' Workshop. Can you share some of your favorite or more effective thinkmarks? and do you think that the think mark could work for First Grade Readers?
Can't wait to hear what you "think."
Patty VanAlstyne

I like to use Thinkmarks for a lot of different strategies. It is a great way to see who is, and who is not, understanding the things you are teaching. I usually use them during active engagement and/or independent reading. Some different reasons that I use them for are:

*Questioning (Beginning, Middle, End)

*Inferencing (I see, I know, I infer)

*Main Idea/Summarizing (Somebody, Wanted, But, So)

*Retelling/Story Elements (Character, Setting, Events, Problem, Solution)

I am sure that there are many more ways you could use them even in the first grade!
Let me know if you "think" of any more! :)
My thinkmarks--

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