Thursday, October 4, 2007

Technology in Math/Science (Melissa Ross)

QUESTION: Dear Melissa Ross:
The word around school is that you use a lot of technology in your teaching. Please share your wisdom. What form of technology do you use (i.e., Elmo) and how do you incorporate that into Math/Science instruction? Debbi Harbour

I use a lot of different kinds of technology daily. I use my document camera, projector, and the Internet for everything! Once you have played with it a little, it's not that hard to use, I promise! I use the camera for a lot including:

Read alouds so the kids can follow along. There are a lot of great ones online too.

Mini-lessons to demonstrate how to use a manipulative (example - showing kids how to make 15 cents using coins) or how to put something together for a Science experiment. Check out this
great site for online manipulatives for any grade level.

Take pictures of the way to set up cards for a card game they play for Math ahead of time so I can have it posted during the work period.

If they are all on the carpet for the min-lesson and I need to show them something somewhere in the room, they can't see from the carpet, I turn the head of the camera so that it is filming whatever I need to show them. I then have one of the kids go and point to that item. When they are "on camera," they think they are on WCEE - They love it!

I leave anything I have written for my mini-lesson up during the work period.

Background information for science lessons. Here are some great sites on
worms, space, science clips, or National Geographic for Kids.

Calendar Math Reinforcement. Guess My Number and Math Playground.

During closing I use it to have students share a piece of work (strategy they have worked on, etc.) It saves a lot of time because they don't have to rewrite it. Their handwriting also gets neater during the work period because they want to put their work up. I then take a picture of the work with the camera to post on my blog or to e-mail parents.

I also use it for fun to play math games - Place 23 cubes under the camera - freeze the image, remove cubes, unfeeze it. How many cubes were removed?

I use other technology such as podcasting, blogging, interactive websites, CPS system, computerized chalkboard, smartboard, etc., but I probably shouldn't take up the entire book. Come see me if you are interested in more!

Melissa Ross

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