Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Elementary Versus Middle School (Moena Perry)

Question: Dear Moena,
After working in middle school what do you like better about elementary? What do you miss?

I absolutely love being in this environment. I love the work and dedication I see in all of the teachers here. I'm really intrigued with the content knowledge in literacy, investigative math application and inquiry based learning. What I admire is the collegiality among peers and the love of life-long learning. However, what makes my heart sing are the KIDS. I am a kid kind of gal; believe it or not, I still love "Hello Kitty!" I am just exhilarated and on a continuous cloud when I see the students engaging in learning. When I sit in classrooms and watch the magic of learning unfolding; I go home EXTREMELY HAPPY that I made the choice to come to CHETS.

Middle School can be a challenging place, but I do miss the athletic events and the social development of the students in middle school. When I watched students make the decisions to embrace their own learning without the coercion of parents and family members, I loved it. So, many people don't understand the crossroads that middle school students face and they are just labeled, but, I got it, and I miss seeing the turn around.

I do realize that I've missed out on a lot with little people, and if I had to make a choice I would choose ELEMENTARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Moena

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