Friday, November 2, 2007

Top 10 Things I Appreciate about CCE (Cindy Tsengas)

Question to Cindy Tsengas...
(this is taking a big RISK by the way Cindy...)

1. You saw education "on the outside" for a few short weeks this year, Cindy. Some of us have never been classroom teachers any place other than Chets. How are things different as a teacher "out there"? What do we have to be grateful for that other teachers might lack? In other words, what do we take for granted?

2. How does being a co-teacher in a classroom compare to being a safety net/ resource teacher?

3. How did you work your magic with the safety net children you taught? They all did fabulous! Please, tell me your secrets!

I'm all ears!
Love, Karen

I can't tell you how much it means to me to be wearing Tink for this week. I know it sounds weird, but i keep on touching it like it's some sort of talisman!

Like you Karen, Stahlman was an inspiration to me when I first was introduced to Chets. She had such a vision that was shared by so many dedicated people! That vision and foundation has grown exponentially with our beloved Susan. the only way that I can answer how I saw education "on the OUTSIDE," is to tell you my top 10 things that I appreciate about Chets Creek...

1. The over 24,000 items that we have in our Media Center (though at inventory, it's a bit overwhelming!)

2. The incredible way that everyone shares information not only within our school, but all over the country.

3. The way you can find 40 cars in the parking lot, on any given day, during the summer, because teachers are inside preparing for the new school year!

4. The way everyone goes to extremes to embrace whatever our new theme is (We are so over the top!!)

5. The wonderful communication that we enjoy.

6. The way that we treat each other as a family, so when the going gets tough, we are all there to support each other (Betsy, we so love you.)

7. The incredible way that each of you wants every child to be a success, no matter what their abilities.

8. The support that we receive from our business partners.

9. The traditions that we have here: Literacy Festival and parade, Kindergarten Pow Wow, cookies with Auntie Claus, 1st Grade Sleepover... Please, stop me!

10. The thing that I appreciate the most about Chets is the welcome that I received upon my return from the "OUTSIDE." I am so very blessed to be a part of this family. I hope that you all understand what a truly unique place this is.

Now for the second question... for me, being a co=teacher, after being a resource/ safety net teacher, is really stepping out of the box. I have so much to learn about... tests and report cards, dealing with parents, grading papers, dealing with parents, teaching mini-lessons, dealing with parents (I can's believe how many conference it's possible to squeeze in). but, I've been given the wonderful opportunity to learn all of this under the capable wings of Jenny Nash and Joe Montisano. They have both been so open and welcoming. We are all still tweaking our system, trying to figure out how to best meet the needs of our children.

As for your last question, I have always loved working with the children who need a little extra attention. sometimes they just need to know that there is another person who is on their side. sometimes they just need a little self confidence. I get so excited to see these kids soar! having been many of the children Media specialist, they already know me so we already have rapport and trust. I am like a second mother to them, and I will hound them relentlessly to follow through on their responsibilities. somehow or another, they all know that I really care about them and I believe they can accomplish anything.

Our children are all such gifts from God! Many of them have been given burdens to carry that would break an adult's spirit. If I can help them be happy and function to the bet of their ability, I feel that I've done my job at the end of the day. I am forever grateful to the leadership and mentors that I have had here.
Cindy Tsengas

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