Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Todd Parr's "Feel Good Book" (Meredy Mackiewcz)

Hi Meredy,

I heard you did a great lesson on The Feel Good Book by one of your favorite authors Todd Parr! :) How did you get to know Todd Parr? Do you have any "Feel Good" tips I could use for my safety net kids? Thanks, friend.

Hi, Friend,

I love Todd Parr! I discovered him @ Barnes & Noble--his books are so colorful and they jump out at you! The kids loved The Feel Good Book and so I have purchased the others (The Family Book, It's Ok to be Different, etc...). We do an author study of Todd Parr at the end of K each year and students make their own books modeled after Todd's. They love it and really do a great job.

I took his simplistic drawings and words (w/ deep meanings!) and incorporated it into the 1st grade Health Lesson to make it more kid-friendly (and easier to teach!) Todd Parr is all about accepting differences and celebrating diversity and learning from each other. I already know that you, Julie, do a great job of making the students feel comfortable and secure in your group, even though they are very diverse learners. Thanks for asking! The Tinkerbell necklace looked so pretty on you, too! :)

I can't wait to see it on Moena...

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dayle said...

Being in an inclusion class, I went out and bought the book about differences the very day I read your blog. It's a great addition and a good conversation starter with the kids. Thanks! dayle