Saturday, February 9, 2008

Can You Imagine? (Cathy Daniels)

Cathy Daniels,
Can you imagine a day… at the end of a perfect school year? What dreams have come true? How did you so masterfully touch every child in your care? I can imagine because I see it unfolding everyday in your classroom, but if you could have it ALL come true… Liz

Dear Buddy (Liz),

Is this a trick question? I believe every year that the precious students that walk through the door are mine for a reason. From the first day of school to the last day of school, I tell them that they are the BEST first graders in the WORLD. I believe it, and so do they. Each year I look at my students as the perfect class for me.

You ask me, "What dreams have come true?" I think daily I see dreams coming true within each child. It's the best feeling when the magic begins, and the light bulbs start to go off throughout the class. Their excitement alone is reward in itself. I meet every child where they are, and take them daily to that next level. I must interject right now, how wonderful it is having you in the class with me. You are incredibly instrumental in making dreams happen.

Each day, I tell myself, "Okay, I've got to get them ready for second grade." I can't settle for anything, but their best, and my best.

The last day of school when I look at each child and remember where they were when they arrived in my classroom, I do feel that all my wishes, my goals, and my dreams for each child did come true.

Love ya like a sister,
Cathy Daniels

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