Saturday, February 9, 2008

"If I do not love, I am nothing..." (Liz Duncan)

Liz, Let me start by saying, "I luv you girl!" You have been an incredible presence in my life professionally and personally from the moment I stepped inside these walls. I have admired your talents for years and have watched you sprinkle your magic fairy dust inside and outside of school (if you know what I mean, New Orleans, Louisiana, baby)! Okay, so on to what I really, really, really want to know.

I know this magical part of you must come from within but how do you crawl, tiptoe, cuddle or love your way into the heart of every child you speak to? I watch you again and again hoping to catch just a glimmer of the magic. Maybe you carry it inside your pocket but I have a sneaky suspicion it lies right there within that good ol' country girl heart.

"Carolina girls, the best of the world!" Love, Randi


Thank you from the bottom of my melted heart. You amaze me. Another cool chick in my book is a contemporary Christian musician, Ginny Owens. She is an inspiring singer, song writer, keyboard player, and oh yes, she’s blind. The words to my favorite song of hers remind us…

“…I could sing like an angel, songs so humble and so thankful so the world would know Your truth…I could give away my life to restore the people that are so important, yet lost, down, and out…find favor with peasants and kings….but if I do not love, I am nothing..

….I could speak so kindly, smile so warmly…I could achieve success on earth, but these things will not matter in the end…stories will cease, the dust will settle on my selfless deeds…but if I did not love, I am nothing. I will love my brother like no other….as You first loved me…

…When I leave this earth, will they choose to say, that I chose to love?”

Every little face I see, is an opportunity to love. Children connect with their hearts, whether broken or whole, so I try to humbly give them mine first, whether broken or whole, with sincerity, respect, and a whole lotta childish humor.

What other career allows us this amazing opportunity?
Can You Imagine, a Day …when everyone loves others as they would be loved? I bet you can…



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