Thursday, February 7, 2008

Co-teaching- Departmentalized (Lindsay Hoffman/ Lynn Patterson)

My Question is for Lindsay Hoffmann and Lynn Patterson:
Lindsay and Lynn how have you all managed as 1st year co-teachers and still stay “departmentalized”? What is a typical day like as you both interact with your class (specifically focusing being “departmentalized”)? What are some things that you have learned about co-teaching since the 1st day of school this year? Ashley

The answer is that we don't... We are always thinking of ways to integrate subjects. For example, if we're working on visualization in Writers', we can practice in math when working with story problems, or if we are working on report writing, we may brainstorm doing reports on a current or recent topic of study in Science.

The overlap of subjects allows for a deeper understanding in a more well-rounded learner, who is better prepared for the real world, where things are rarely isolated or departmentatlized!

L & L

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Dorry Lopez said...

L & L,
I share your thoughts completely on integration of subject matter allowing for a deeper understanding for the learner. You get to know the child in so many ways.

Thanks for sharing,