Friday, February 22, 2008

How can 1st teachers prepare kids for 2nd Math? (Wanda Lankford)

Question to Wanda Lankford

Dear Wanda Lankford,
WOW! All I can say it WOW! You are such an amazing teacher and friend. I know that you touch the hearts of every child in your classroom. My kids from last year come and see me everyday and I ask them about their favorite part of their day. It NEVER fails to lead to something you have done in your class. My kids love you and all of your strategies that will help them in life. SOOOO my question is… As a 1st grade teacher, I am getting my kids ready for 2nd grade Math. Are there any strategies or Math skills that I can teach that will help them for 2nd grade? I feel that there is a big disconnect between 1st and 2nd grade Math! Help!

WOW! Thank you so much for your kind words. As much as your students say how much they love me it is evident that they still have a great deal of love and admiration for you. Whenever you stop by my cottage they go crazy with happiness! Thank you for passing on such beautiful minds!

Now to answer your question: Are there any strategies or Math skills that you can teach that will help students be more prepared for 2nd grade?

Answer: After chatting with my awesome 2nd grade Math team, here are a few suggestions: If your students are drawing pictures please encourage them to group

  • In sets of tens
  • When using tally marks, group in fives
  • Be familiar with Combinations of Tens
  • Be familiar with skip counting patterns
  • Understanding Doubles.
  • Recognizing coins and their values.
  • Using the 100’s chart.

Hopefully this list is not too much. Just know that when I’m with my 2nd grade Math team we are excited about teaching and jump for joy when our students get it! With that said what you and your team have been doing has been great! So keep up the great work in 1st grade.
With love,

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